Iowa Faces a Critical Need For Housing

The Iowa Housing Partnership, a nonprofit affordable housing advocacy group was created to assist in breaking down the barriers of affordable housing. Iowa is facing a critical shortage of affordable housing now in 2020, which will go down in history in so many ways.

Here in Iowa, many people face a severe housing crisis, and this impacts their day-to-day lives. It is known that housing is a critical component of safe and healthy families, yet in Iowa, we have people who are severely rent burdened, struggling to make ends meet, to provide a safe roof for themselves and their families.

The lowest income people are often those hit hardest by disasters, whether that disaster is a pandemic or a derecho. What COVID-19 and its economic impact have shown is how important housing is the fabric of a community. Without a safe place to call home, families are torn apart, having to live under tarps because their home were destroyed by a natural disaster.